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What is the capital of Tunisia?

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What is the capital of Tunisia?

Composite English words with “like” (basin-like, heaven-like, etc.)

If the noun has an corresponding adjective in French, chances are that it will suit your needs best. Un lieu paradisiaque is a heaven-like place.

Otherwise, I belive “qui ressemble à [un bassin]” is the most lightweight general approach.

In the specific context you gave, I’d go for “aux allures de bassin”.


Some suffixes in English are derived from its Germanic base.
-like is one of those suffixes (German: -lich, Dutch: -lijk)

Words of this nature do not translate easily into French.


French co-incidentally possess no such affix that performs a similar process as -like does in English. Therefore utterances containing such constructions in English must be altered in French much like how you already translated … with basin-like characteristics.


  1. with childlike characteristics → avec des caractéristiques enfantines
  2. with soldier-like poise → avec un maintien soldatesque
  3. with ball-like shape → avec la forme d’une balle


If the word has an appropriate adjective form, then use that. Otherwise use example 3 to formulate the translation.

Additionally, using a construction “avec le [qualified characteristic]” only feels right to me as an adverbial prepositional phrase.


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What is the capital of Tunisia?