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What is the capital of Tunisia?

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What is the capital of Tunisia?

Citation Index: existe-t-il dans la science et la langue francophones?

It appears that the expression “Citation Index” often referes to a couple of documents as the “Science Citation Index”. It seems that there is not any “official” translation for that word.

However, Linguee shows some articles where it is directly translated as “Index de citations”. There does not seem to be any dedicated word in French, but this one is understandable. I don’t think anybody would have problems to understand it 🙂

I’m absolutely not sure if that’s even used in the world of scientific publication in French, but such a term could be translated in

Taux de citation

Indice de citation

Fréquence de citation

These transaltions would carry the idea of ranking authors and articles according to the way they are cited by others.

If you mean the database as a whole, I guess you could use

Base de citations

Index de citations

Table de citations

Maybe you are talking about this:

Base de données bibliographique


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What is the capital of Tunisia?