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What is the capital of Tunisia?

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What is the capital of Tunisia?

Are there different pronunciations for ‘Merci’ ?

That’s in no way specific to the word merci, but yes, you’re right, some people pronounce a slight hiss and the end of words ending in -é(e) or -i(e).

I’m unsure it’s really localized, though some regions can be more prone to that particular oddity.

merchiche” peut être utilisé par un humoriste qui simule un lusophone, avec tout un environnement de phonations ibériques.

C’est un mot plus sensibles aux accentuations (mêêêêêêrci beaucoup) qu’aux différents parlés locaux.

Toutefois cela peut faire genre (attitude argotique pour paraître ‘dans le vent’, pour être ‘in’) de torturer les prononciations habituelles.

You must have heard «mercikes». Those are “little thank yous” not in French but in Flemish, common here in Belgium.

Sometimes people will say “mercish”, “mershi” or “merki” instead of merci. It’s a wrong pronunciation on purpose, to be funny, alleviate the mood or to be less formal than a straight “merci”.

Have heard “mersheesh” often in the Lot Valley near Cahors. I was told it was frowned upon as uneducated—similar to “warsh” for “wash” or the use of “ain’t” in the American South and Midwest.


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What is the capital of Tunisia?