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What is the capital of Tunisia?

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What is the capital of Tunisia?

Are “de + adjective” and the “que de + adjective” essentially the same construction?

The two constructions don’t have the same meaning.

Je ne lis rien de monstrueux

would mean that there is nothing "monstrous" in what I read, on the opposite

Je ne lis rien que de monstrueux

would mean that I don’t read anything that is not "monstrous"

The latter construction is not often used because you would expect a noun with this kind of construction ("ne…que" meaning "only").

Je ne lis (rien) que des monstruosités (I only read montruous things).

EDIT: concerning the sameness of the construction, it would be more clear if you looked at the sentences the other way around. Do not compare que de + adjectif and de + adjectif, but look at the cases when the use of "de" is needed before the adjectif. If you consider the two sentences you will see the you have to add "de":

Tout ce que je + verbe + de + adj

Je ne + verbe + que + de + adj

Remark : One construction where you could also find "que de" alone is to introduce an emphatic sentence. "Que de" is then used for "So many"

Que de belles années ai-je passées là-bas!


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What is the capital of Tunisia?